Making unique hand-crafted art on the playa requires materials and money. Each year we make over one hundred magnificent, unique works of art. This high quality and quantity of production requires materials and supplies at a cost of over $4,000 annually.  Operating a Desert Darkroom is a artistic and financial challenge.

Here’s our list of just some of our annual materials needed to make Pinhole Project productive:

Photo Paper, Arista VC RC 40” x 30” SM/Pearl Private Reserve semi-matte
Arista Liquid Paper Developer, 64 ounce Concentrate makes 5 gallons of developer
Arista Liquid Rapid Fixer, 1 gallon concentrate makes 6 Gallons
Hypocheck, to test fixer
Vinegar, to use a stop bath
Heavy rubber gloves for developing photos
Wash tanks
Large scale developer trays
Darkroom Timer
Darkroom safelights
Air conditioning system
Measuring beakers
Gaffer’s tape
High power magnets