It was great running into you when part of the team was breaking BeBot down. Thank you so much for bringing your art out to Burning Man.

The pinhole photos of the Arbour, etc. we have created over the past four years have been my favorites. I keep one of them close to me.

So this year, when we happened serendipitously ...I thought we would make some amazing pinhole photography to gift to you. Unfortunately, we totally messed up this print in the traditional form of what we focus on out there. We messed up on the exposure, had some processing issues because we pulled the print too fast out of the developer, and for some strange reason I thought I could shoot this in the sun and figure the exposure out without a light meter.

We like to take photos of the makers of art on the playa and to say a thank you with our own gifted art. I was stoked when we could do this with you at the Lantern. I took the batch of cameras, got ready to process that print and… the camera was empty

So... no photo

But I totally love this one. I am grateful to realize the happy accident once again

Date Shot: 
Saturday, September 1, 2018 - 16:15
Exposure Time: