Glimmer / 3:07 Mountain Side


Volunteers sign up!  We would love to have you join us for one event, or a lifetime. The nature of the pinhole project is, and has always been, open and communal. Because of the simplicity of the mechanics just about anybody can participate at any time.

If you are thinking of attending your first burn, or you are a seasoned burner, shoot us an email here or come find us at our darkroom on Glimmer / 3:07 Mountain Side.

Come to our workshop at 10:15am M-F


Even if you can not get down and dirty with us at Burning Man, there are other off-playa ways to contribute to our unique artwork.

Partner with us! Pinhole Project is open to working in partnership with other Burning Man artists on Kickstarter and other fundraising activities to further support artwork on the playa.

Follow us on Facebook. Just search Facebook for “Pinhole Project” and you’ll see us there.

Attend a gallery exhibit. Pinhole Project is moving our artwork off the playa and into the world at-large. Twice, we have exhibited in San Francisco at the gallery Satellite 66 and we are actively seeking additional galleries, exhibits, and shows.

Host an exhibit. Pinhole Project is looking for opportunities to share the love.

Buy a print. Many are available for sale or request a replica copy of your favorite print for your own personal pleasure. Please contact us for availablity and pricing.

Donate materials for our Desert Darkroom. We keep an inventory of what it takes to make Pinhole Project productive. If you would like to directly contribute something to our collection of tools, materials, chemicals and supplies, please contact us for our current list of  needed items


Currently, Pinhole Project maintains a dozen barrel cameras that are cycled throughout the far reaches of the playa in search for those special people and pictures. The cameras are returned and developed in our Desert Darkroom in Illumination Village at 2:35 and Esplanade. Some prints are proudly hung at Burning Man for all to enjoy.

It takes over $14,000 annually to bring pinhole art to Burning Man. This year we need help from our community of fellow artists, friends, photographers, and family to fund our unique and lasting art at Burning Man.

100% of the donation proceeds will go towards buying photographic paper and chemicals, and maintaining the darkroom and portable barrel cameras. Not a penny of the money donated will go towards any other pinhole camp needs.

To make a donation online, please use the PayPal:

Any and all donations accepted and much appreciated, and will be acknowledge with a handmade Pinhole Project postcard.   We love you!